by Nigel Spencer

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(c) copyright 2010 Nigel Spencer words & music
Recorded at Anvil 2 Studio
South Willingham, Lincolnshire
July 2009 - March 2010


released May 19, 2010

Nigel Spencer:
vocals; guitars; keyboards; Mellotron Emulator;
drums and bass arrangement



all rights reserved


Nigel Spencer Lincolnshire, UK

singer/songwriter from Lincolnshire, United Kingdom, producing a melodic rock/pop string sound. Tracks since 2007 have been recorded on a TASCAM 8 track. Albums prior to this (1977-1998) are for archive purposes and variously recorded on 4 track cassette or reel to reel tape so are not as professional or as clear as later albums. This is reflected in download prices. Many thanks for passing by.... ... more

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I hold out my hands and wait
no care for wind, nor tide or sea
no ideology

to fight no more with time or fate
for now my own shall come to me
the light will dazzle as I gaze....

it's been so long
a long time waiting here
waiting for the sun
and the day that's just begun
as the dawn
rises from the waves
I'm starting to believe...

can you see the light?
and the flowers so bright?
a prayer, a key to all the day
until the lock of night

rising slowly from the east
then travel to the west, my friend
where earth and sky will surely meet...
leave behind
reflections of a mind
feel the rain
I'm on my way again

I was only dreaming
for a place for us
yes,I'm only searching
for a place called hope

like the last days of school
and the shelter of my tiny room
all my memories lie
in the comfort of a child

they say I've got this wanderlust
and you can never trust
a single word
not a single word I say
maybe it's just because
of the love that I have lost
when she was just a smile away

something, somewhere, somehow
something, sometime, someone
in a lifetime......
Track Name: STILETTO
doctor, doctor
I can't shake the mood I'm in
I thought I knew her
but she twists the words I'm saying

I see her walking
stiletto shoes and pencil thin
hey there, mister
I can't recall saying "I'm sharing"

came by a preacher
said "he was reaching for my love"
no gun could silence
all his do goody falsehood

so I sought some comfort
can't recall her name but she felt good
so doctor, doctor
can you help the mood I'm in?
all around the bay
where the tides rise and fall
and the four winds blow
no matter what they say
or how great the storm
she alone will know

spending time to linger on
staring out to sea, strawberry blonde
with the wind in her hair
lets the waves take her along
until she finds where she belongs
she could turn round now and find it there...

all the love she's hidden deep inside
from all around the bay
though there's a price to pay..
all those memories come into her mind now
oh, should she stay...?

she's the Lady Of The Isles
barefoot, with a hippy kind of style
still wears some flowers in her hair
where the waves are shifting sand
she will walk and she will dance
she's a free spirit, with love to share

no matter what the price she pays
she alone will know
all around the bay
her dreams keep her alive now...

all her plans are to be realised now
far from the bay...
I wish, my lover
I could read what's in your mind
can't last forever
all these games, all the time
don't you want me?
don't you want to settle down?

all that she wants
is all I can't give
two lovers it seems
who together can't live
and though I try so hard
reaching out with all my heart
I'm all out of luck
still I'm lovestruck

moonlit liaisons
you stay out late all through the night
not much persuasion
as you drive away your car
no retribution
you can't help the way you are
I'd dream, I'd dream all through the night
of this precious life
and how I feel your might
I'd wish I could change the world
to where everyone's a friend

one time I asked of those around
where I'd be found
but I knew the answer from the start

I sit by the riverside
and learn to live this life
and dig the spirit of America
sometimes I wonder how
and the places I've travelled now
I'm digging the spirit of America

now I know that I am free
belonging to a world
a world that's for you and me
live, I live this life anew
and I give this gift to you

one day I asked when I'd be found
listened to my heart
now I know just where I am
Something tells me I'm not alone
I guess I've lost control
I toss and turn, I'm losing sleep
thinking's so bad for me

I can't run out the way
no use in hiding, I'm in a daze
your love's so relentless to me now
I can't turn out the light
cos you have me in your sights
hypnotic, relentless somehow

something's happening inside my mind
creates its own time line
disturbance in the brain I feel
brings me in your slipstream

erase these thoughts during my therapy
before I start awakening
and all the world, do you feel uncertain like me?
can't make no sense of anything
don't want to feel this way
but as long as I know you
together we'll escape
(even) if every mile becomes two

and your midnight is my morning
across the world now
all these dreams will make it true
October Blue

melancholy days
pass unwelcome until the Spring comes
sad time of year
naked woods with all their leaves gone

but no Winter lasts forever
as we look to the Summer
then Autumn returns anew
October Blue

brown lonely fields lie
so empty now their jobs are done
let the northern winds blow
knowing that, how I love you
you got lost along the way
through mist and fog
you stumbled on
stay as a child forever more
but can you live without him?

how sweet's temptations' bliss
how cruel the real world is
you thought you had it played
- but not at all....

Daydream Girl
you smile to free your mind
happy for a moment
just passing time
you can't hear their talk
but they're all around
looking through a window
you can hear no sound

and if you felt you had it made
there'd be no sadness
and no plans to make
but all the world can go to hell
you're waiting for a moment
my Daydream Girl

you'd dance and promenade
a movie with no end
ind dreams you'll stealaway....
Track Name: ZODIAC
I curse the Zodiac
and like a maniac I drive to you
besides there is no map
just me and the sat nav too
drove all through the day
and all of the night
thinking it all over, baby
I love you

the stars will show the way
this captive heart's to be released again
all the dreams we have
everything that we know
will come together if we go with the flow
done with the crying game
a new beginning's on its way
something had to change
something had to give
for all we know now
it's the pull of the planets and stars

my foot's pushed down flat
pressing on the gas for miles
within the Zodiac
the planets and the stars are aligned
txting 4 FX
in a world of my own
maybe you're too busy, baby
to answer the phone

I've done with the crying game
a new beginning's on its way
something just had to change
this captive heart's to be released now
once again
Track Name: Additional Track - HOME FOR CHRISTMAS
as I look here all around me
the wind is blowing and the snow fall's fresh
I think I'm blessed because I love you
who could ask for more this Christmas?

even though we are apart
always you are in my heart
I've done with fighting here
and this constant fear
I yearn to be with you baby

a day of wonders to behold now
wrapped in my arms you know it would feel so right
no place I'd rather be tonight
as the days turns to moonlight

be at my side beneath these stars
make me feel I'm in paradise
I've done with waging war
for some forgotten cause
I need you more - oh, Merry Christmas baby....

what if I could make it there for this Christmas?
what if I could be there by your side?
what if I could make it somehow home for this Christmas time?