EVERY ROAD (Compilation) (2009)

by Nigel Spencer

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(c) copyright 2010 Nigel Spencer words & music
recorded at Anvil 2 Studio South Willingham, Lincolnshire
compilation of 4 albums 2007 - 2009
2009 - Glass Mountain
2008 - Afterglow
2007 - Storm
2007 - Touch
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released August 18, 2009

Nigel Spencer:
vocals; guitars; keyboards; Mellotron Emulator;
drums and bass arrangement



all rights reserved


Nigel Spencer Lincolnshire, UK

singer/songwriter from Lincolnshire, United Kingdom, producing a melodic rock/pop string sound. Tracks since 2007 have been recorded on a TASCAM 8 track. Albums prior to this (1977-1998) are for archive purposes and variously recorded on 4 track cassette or reel to reel tape so are not as professional or as clear as later albums. This is reflected in download prices. Many thanks for passing by.... ... more

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Track Name: WHATEVER
you have got such a poison ability
you can say those words that you say to me
yes, I can curse the ground beneath you now
you led me down the path to oblivion
into a state of abject delirium
and left me with no choice to talk about

live the life you want to lead
I don't exist, I want to leave
I'm so confused I just can't breathe
I'm better mad with all the world
there's no point in being sane alone
with no thoughts I'd wish to own

you can wallow there in the sticky stuff
enjoy the glare when the going's tough
I've found you out, I've no need to scream and shout
I swallowed all but now I'll spit you out
a bitter pill but one day I'll feel proud
I've no need to think about you now

it was good for awhile
you could always make me smile
I guess I'm really missing you
in the calm of solitude
I see your face
I think of you
Track Name: EVERY ROAD
can't cast adrift a certain notion
but you're so easy on the eye
I can sense a deep emotion
that draws me there to your side

I could journey many by-ways
and talk the talk to someone else
and deny this inner feeling
want to share my whole life

every road I travel down comes back to you
I would follow any rainbow
and every turning that I make will lead to you
'cos you're the sound of every echo
you're the words to every love song
and the key to every longing in my heart

I could search so many highways
and walk the walk with someone else
but I can't fight this deep devotion
just want you hear in my arms
first thing in the morning
just as the day is dawning
you hear Lord Granville call your name
he is old and balding
forever drunk and bawling
you loved his money and his fame

fly, fly away go where you want to
don't let your world remain the same
shine, shine all day, 'cos they love you
oh sweet Foxy Lady Jane

and when you feel a something
keep the old fool guessing
stay out late and feel no shame
they're waiting for you
to give you what you value
yes, old Lord Granville is to blame

all aboard
rise and fall
you're so well-to-do
to be playing the pinball
beginning with the end
funny how it goes
and to never let it show
bittersweet again
the taste of longing grows
with swallowed pride in tow

make it to the other side
once again eyes open wide
here onece more's loves forgotten soul
once again a glass mountain high
there for you to surely climb
one day that summit you will find

so, don't be afraid
if plans have been mislaid
you will find your way
and starting from the strongest bedrock
you'll lay your building blocks
where they are to stay
yesterday's not mine to own yet
can't plan the future by the past
I steal if I touch tomorrow
but it is mine to win or cast

I waken with no recall when
of before I went to sleep
arrive at this dawning day then
in a great hurry

you're that something in my head
just like a revolving wheel
maybe I misread
the signs you gave to me
now I'm losing all control
needs go where the devil drives
my mind is on parole
from a heart that just won't hide

an obsession I'll never conquer
like the crashing of the waves
wherever I may wander
it's for you my love is saved
in houses all along this road
there are people who I hardly know
their lights are shining bright
shining so brightly

all I see's an empty chair
where you were, your no longer there
if it's time for moving on
my heart's feeling heavy

taken from a scene of Brief Encounter
like two ships that pass into the night
almost had a dream come true
the nearly man and the cloudless view
it's better to have loved than not at all
see couples walking hand in hand
how I feel, they won't understand
only love can heal this broken heart

listen to the trees, seem to be sighing
gather all the leaves and start anew
take my hand and guide me through
open the door where the path leads to
stand by my shoulder if I should take a fall
almost had a dream come true
the nearly man and the cloudless view
it's better to have loved than not at all

if all I see's an empty chair
and where you were, you're no longer there
let my light shine bright
shine ever so brightly
never love with all your heart
for it to end from the start in such aching
for it's done when it's begun
and forever will run in forsaking

to deny is better at once
than to lie and to promise too long
no sweet harvest of the soul
we all reap what we sow here in time

love is the child
the child of illusion now
the mother of all
the father of souls
our maker somehow

of all the love songs in the world
you had to be in mine
everything that occured
felt like a lifeline
I played the notes to your tune
and cried to the moon

no-one who's never made a fool of themselves
in love will ever be wise
to learn and to hope, to survive and to cope
will help us realise

first love,
what is it worth..
if to prepare for a second spring?
then yet..
only regret,
regret for the first
is what second love brings
when the day is done and darkness falls
in ghostly form the wings of night will call
midnight is the noon of all our thoughts
and wisdom comes with the stars now brought

so shelter here awhile in dreams anew
far from the clouds crushing in on you
surround yourself in peace and feel so free
for in tranquillity's such liberty

here, in paradises' hall
the answer to it all
is to love forever more
kiss, oh kiss it as it flies
and to live for the sunrise
don't let me be a fool again
it's starting all over once more
oh, baby it's you
let me keep this moment when
I'm knowing I feel its so sure
yes, baby it's true

close your eyes
surrender to my heart
if you're Bacall
I'm your Bogart

if there is love at first sight
she's under my skin
she's gotten everything
from the morning time
until the dead of the night
she's under my skin
sweeter than jasmine

stronger than I've known before
closer than just friends
if I could read your mind
I'd know for sure
don't leave me second guessing anymore
if I could say the words I want to say
I'd share my feelings with the world
I'd paint a picture of a home by the sea
and walks together feeling free

another time, another place
so simple to say, so hard to face
let me take you by the hand
and hold you one last time
let me see in your eyes the way you smile
another time, another place

like a songbird that sings in the trees
by a river flowing slow
we both know that our love was meant to be
like a story when first told

another time, another place
can you save in your heart a place for me?
like the warmth of the sun
spreading all over you
like the rain as it falls, I'll find you
another time, another place

when love comes
and finds you and holds you
no more searching evermore
hold on tight
feel the warmth of its touch
for we all need it oh so much
when living's so borrowed
and a pill's to ease the pain
what path you have followed
living for a moment gained

you listened to the mantra
staring at the ceiling all wild eyed
so sacred The Tantra
then you started to cry

in the cheapness of solutions
there's a clear retribution
an unlocked door to the prisoners' identity
in a mind of confusion
bewildered and wasted how you long for
the start again and let yourself be free
Track Name: LONELY
can't do what is right for doing wrong
can't think of what to say until the moment's gone
those "wait for invitations" never come
can't seem to find out what it is you've done

if you're feeling lonely
don't let it show
you've got to hide it
and the world will never know
they say you're crazy
and act the clown
leave those demons on your shoulder far behind

if your days seem empty and darkness grows
caught in the shadows and your spirits feeling low
you search the far horizon for the light
keep on smiling, everything will be alright